The Stadium access code in Call of Duty: Warzone

Looking for a VIP tour of the Stadium? You've come to the right place.

Image via Activision

The Stadium in Verdansk kept its doors locked for some time. Among all the changes it introduced, Call of Duty: Warzone’s fifth season opened the Stadium to players. Though the Stadium became a viable point of interest (POI) to land on during the early game, players also started to notice mystery doors around the landmark.

These locked doors require players to collect access cards placed around the landmark. There are a total of three access cards you'll need to pick up. The cards seem to have random spawns, but they always appear on the same floor that they're for.

The keycards will have P216, CL19, and EL21 written on them, indicating which doors you can use them to unlock. If you can't find one of the cards anywhere on their floor, chances are another player may have picked it up before you. If you aren't looking to take any chances, you'll need to find these players and knock them out to claim the cards for yourself. The cards will drop like regular loot once you take out a player.

  • EL = Executive level
  • Cl = Concourse level
  • P2 = Parking level two
Screengrab via Activision

Once you open these rooms, you'll be welcomed by loot that will vary in rarity. It isn't the loot that makes these rooms unique, however, but the mystery behind them, a fourth door that requires a code that will unlock if you can collect all three of them. This will require an impeccable team effort since the Stadium is a rather contested POI. You'll notice a screen showing random letters and numbers in each of these rooms, and you'll want to write them down to crack the Stadium access code in Warzone.

The codes shown on the screen change every game, meaning there isn't a single password that will unlock the last door for all players. If you only collect two keycards but narrow the variables to a single digit in the process, you can brute force your way into the last room by trying all the possible numbers for the last hidden digit.

How to decode the Stadium access code in Call of Duty: Warzone?

While there isn't a single code that will work for all the doors and players, preparing for the mission will decrease the time you'll need to decode the access pin. For explanatory purposes, we will be going over the decoding process with a made-up pin. If you've been to all the keycard rooms and noted down the codes you saw on the screens, you should have a setup like the following. Note that the codes won't have letters in the game, and you'll see symbols instead for the unknown numbers. Keeping a pen and paper close by can help you jot down the codes, and you can also assign letters of your choosing to the symbols to make them easier to decode.

  • The first code: G2LWW47
  • The second code: G26WW4L
  • The third code: 3NLW5HL

When you have all the codes, it will turn into a game of mixing and matching. Each letter/symbol stands for a number that is essentially hidden in one of the other codes. G is equal to three, L is equal to six, N is equal to two, W is equal to five, H is equal to four, and L is equal to seven. You'll need to place these numbers to their corresponding places, and you'll find out the functioning Stadium access code in your match. For this instance, the code turned out to be "3265547."

You'll need to make your way to the locked room to use your Stadium access code, and it's located on the top floor. You should find the keypad across the door that you unlocked with the EL21 keycard, marked with green on the following screenshot.

Screengrab via Activision

The code room will unlock upon entering the right combination, and you'll find Enigma CR56 AMAX's blueprint inside. Fireworks above the Stadium will automatically set off once you enter the room to congratulate you, and you'll also be granted a loadout drop marker.

The firework part may sound nice, but it'll also announce your whereabouts to all the nearby players. Anyone looking for a gunfight will start running toward the Stadium, meaning you may need to hurry out of there as soon as possible.