The best KSP 45 loadouts in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

It's a burst SMG, but it's formidable.

Screengrab via Activision

While the MP5 and AK-74u get all of the attention for submachine guns in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the KSP 45 is a bit of a sleeper weapon that deserves your time.

The KSP 45, better known in most games as the UMP 45, is a burst SMG in Black Ops Cold War. It’s the only burst weapon in its class, making it unique but not necessarily better or worse.

It’s pretty strong up close if you can fire the bursts quickly. It’s outclassed in mid-range fights by other SMGs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it.

Using the Gunsmith, you can equip the KSP 45 with different attachments to help it flourish in a variety of situations, such as running and gunning or sitting back and picking enemies off at range.

Here are some of the best loadouts for the KSP 45 in Black Ops Cold War.


Screengrab via Activision

Wild Card: Gunfighter

Optic: Microflex LED
Muzzle: Muzzle Brake .45 APC
Barrel: 10.2″ Rifled
Body: Steady Aim Laser
Underbarrel: Front Grip
Magazine: Fast Mag
Handle: Serpent Wrap
Stock: SAS Combat Stock

Run and gun

Screengrab via Activision

Muzzle: Muzzle Brake .45 APC
Barrel: 8.9″ Extended
Underbarrel: Front Grip
Handle: Speed Tape
Stock: No Stock

Long range

Screengrab via Activision

Optic: Visiontech 2x
Barrel: 10.5″ Task Force
Body: Ember Sighting Point
Underbarrel: Field Agent Foregrip
Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap