The best FAL loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare

This AR is surprisingly versatile.

Screengrab via Activision

In the ever-changing meta that is Call of Duty: Warzone, guns rise and fall every few weeks. It can be exhausting to keep up with, but it needs to be done if you want to keep stacking victories.

It’s important to have a handle on the large roster of weapons in the game, so if your favorite gets nerfed, you can pick up where you left off with something else.

The FAL is one of the latest guns to rise in the meta thanks to a newly-discovered crazy loadout. But it’s much more versatile than that one setup.

Here are a few of the best loadouts for the FAL in CoD: Warzone and Modern Warfare.


Screengrab via Activision

Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
Laser: Tac Laser
Stock: No Stock
Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip
Perk: Sleight of Hand

A well-balanced, solid Warzone loadout helps the FAL be more accurate and adds mobility to a gun that’s usually sluggish.

Close range

Screengrab via Activision

Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
Barrel: 13.0″ OSW Para
Stock: No Stock
Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip
Perk: Burst

This is the FAL loadout that everyone’s been talking about. This set of attachments turns it into a nasty SMG-hybrid and it’s dominant up close, melting players in just a few shots.

Long range

Screengrab via Activision

Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
Barrel: XRK Marksman
Optic: VLK 3.0x Optic
Underbarrel: Operator Foregrip
Rear Grip: Rubberized Grip Tape

The FAL is more versatile than you’d think. While the SMG loadout is the most popular, it can also be kitted out to be an AR/semi-auto sniper rifle hybrid with attachments like these.