The best aim assist settings for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

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While the default controller settings for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War are decent enough to get you started, you’ll find out soon enough that there’s a whole other world waiting for you to explore in the game’s settings.

From sensitivity options to your field of view (FoV), you’ll be able to tinker with your in-game settings to give yourself an edge on the field. Once you start customizing the settings to your liking, you’ll feel more comfortable while playing, but deciding on what to change can be the real challenge.

If you aren’t familiar with most of the in-game settings, it may be hard to figure out which configurations are the best. While most settings depend on personal preference, there are also clear trends in settings like FoV. 

For the aim assists settings, however, you’ll have more than a few options to work with. Back in the days, there would only be a single aim-assist setting, but with the more recent titles, players can adjust how the aim assist feels and bend it to their advantage. Nowadays, you’ll be able to adjust your aim assist sensitivity and even the area that it starts kicking in by rotation through different settings. Each aim assist configuration favors a different type of player, and with the right one, you’ll be one step ahead of your opponents.

What is the best aim assist setting in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War?

Getting to know each aim-assist setting is a crucial step if you’re looking to pick the perfect one for your play style.

There are a total of four different aim-assist settings in Black Ops Cold War.

  • Standard: Standard is the traditional aim-assist algorithm that most CoD veterans grew used to over the years. With this setting on, your aim will slowdown once your crosshair is near a target. 
  • Legacy: The Legacy setting is quite similar to the standard one. The main difference between the two is that the aim assist will trigger at a narrower angle compared to the Standard version.
  • Precision: When aim assist kicks in, your sensitivity gets reduced. The Precision will reduce your sensitivity a lot more than Standard and Legacy. The area of effect of this aim assist setting is considerably smaller, however.
  • Focusing: If you like the reduced sensitivity of Precision but hate the small target area, the Focusing mode should do the trick. Focusing kicks in with a strong assist like Precision and does it in a bigger range.

Ideally, you should try out all of the aim-assist settings in a multiplayer match to get a feeling for all of them before you decide on one. Though your personal preference will have the last say on which one you’ll keep playing with, it’s also possible to guess which one would suit your play style in the long run.

If you have been playing CoD games for a while, the chances are none of the aim-assist settings apart from the Standard will feel natural to you. Most veterans either keep coming back to the Standard configuration if they ever switch, and nothing will hardly ever beat years of muscle memory.

In cases where you like the aim-assist strength of the Standard setting but struggle when it comes to switching to different targets, you can give a chance to the Legacy aim assist setting. The Legacy configuration behaves just like the Standard one, except it activates in considerably narrower ranges. This makes it a lot easier to switch to different targets since aim assist will get disable faster once you start moving your crosshair away from your initial target. This makes the Legacy mode an excellent choice for Warzone players since you can’t afford to stay stuck on a single target while trying to wipe out a squad.

Players with steady fingers and spot-on aim may find the Standard and Legacy aim-assist settings slightly more controlling than they’d like. The hectic nature of CoD may call for a more precise aim-assist setting in ensuring that you don’t let your targets walk away. The Precision aim assist setting is stronger than Legacy and Precision when it comes to lowering your sensitivity, but it has a smaller activation area as well.

Players who step into the CoD universe for the first time with Black Ops Cold War might require a more powerful aim assist than the Standard and Legacy modes. Considering Precision has a smaller area of effect, it won’t be useful either. This only leaves Focusing, and it’s generally the best setting for beginners. Focusing features the same level of sensitivity reduction that Precision offers with a more extensive activation range. This means that once you enable Focusing, aim assist will kick in sooner than the other ones as you move your crosshair to your target.

Once you get used to your aim-assist setting, you can also start experimenting with different aim response curve types. This setting will allow you to change how your aim will respond to your movements, letting you adjust the general recoil behavior.

Spend a little time optimizing your controller settings as well, and you’ll be ready to wreak havoc in all the lobbies that you join.