Team RICOCHET to implement new anti-cheat kernel-level driver on CoD: Warzone Pacific’s APAC servers tomorrow

Warzone's anti-cheat is about to add an extra layer of security against cheaters.

Image via Activision

A new anti-cheat resource will be deployed exclusively on Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific’s Asian-Pacific (APAC) servers tomorrow, combined with the addition of Caldera, the game’s newest map.

CoD‘s anti-cheat team, dubbed Team RICOCHET, deployed the RICOCHET anti-cheat in CoD: Warzone Pacific and CoD: Vanguard with the launch of the latter on Nov. 5, according to Activision’s blog post. Team RICOCHET has now finished a PC kernel-level driver just for Warzone, which will hit the APAC servers tomorrow and be put to the test before the developers expand it to other regions.

Kernel-level drivers are given a high level of access to a player’s PC and can manage software such as the graphic card driver, according to what CoD‘s anti-cheat progress blog said in October.

“The driver element of the RICOCHET anti-cheat system will check the software and applications that attempt to interact and manipulate Call of Duty: Warzone, providing the overall security team more data to bolster security,” Team RICOCHET said.

Players in the APAC region will see the RICOCHET anti-cheat logo during CoD: Warzone Pacific‘s loading screen and the kernel-level driver will be installed automatically. Once that process is finished, the driver will launch with the game. And when you quit Warzone, the driver will shut down, meaning it doesn’t run when you’re not playing the game.

“This strategic launch approach allows us to monitor stability, collect feedback, and make any required updates before expanding the rollout,” CoD‘s anti-cheat progress blog post from today reads. “Additionally, information about cheating behavior provided by the kernel-level driver will help enforce security for all players around the world.”

This new CoD: Warzone Pacific anti-cheat feature is available only for PC, but console players playing via crossplay against PC players will enjoy the benefits by extension. Warzone’s new map, Caldera, will be available tomorrow, Dec. 8, for anyone who owns Vanguard. The map will then be available for everyone else on Dec. 9.