Team Reciprocity will not compete in inaugural season of franchised Call of Duty league, CEO says

Despite a successful year, Reciprocity will not be one of the franchises in the CoD league's 2020 season.

Photo via MLG

Team Reciprocity CEO Chard Larsson confirmed today that Reciprocity will not take part in the inaugural season of the city-based Call of Duty league in 2020.

After each of Reciprocity’s contracted CoD players tweeted they were restricted free agents, Larsson tweeted REC would not play in the first season of the league, although he seemingly left the possibility open it would enter in as an expansion team at some point.

“Unfortunately Reciprocity will not be participating in season 1 of @CODWorldLeague franchising,” Larsson tweeted. “It’s been an awesome year, grateful for the opportunity to have made a mark in the #CWL scene. #recpack”

The 2019 season was the first in which Reciprocity competed in Call of Duty, but the organization certainly made its mark with an unsuspecting cast of players. After signing several international players, Reciprocity seemed to improve greatly as the season progressed. Reciprocity’s star player, Dylan Henderson, also proved to be one of the most talented players in the world.

Reciprocity’s CoD team lived in Las Vegas during the 2019 season, so fans hoped it would make it into the inaugural season as Sin City’s representative. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and fans will have to place their hopes in the form of a 2021 expansion team.