Summit1g wants Infinity Ward to buff airstrikes in Warzone to punish rooftop campers

Summi1tg has had enough with the campers.

Screengrab via Summit1G

Popular FPS streamer Summit1g is done with rooftop campers in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Like many other streamers, Summit1g has played a lot of Warzone since its release on March 10. So far, he’s streamed 150 hours of the new battle royale in the last two weeks, according to Twitch statistics website SullyGnome. After so many hours of experience and a bit of frustration, Summi1tg offered a solution for rooftop campers.

“There needs to be more anti-like roof bitches,” Summit1g said. “Make the airstrikes big so they sweep the whole building top and make them instant so you can’t even respond to it,” referring to the audio and visual warning that players get after an airstrike is called in.

This has become a common complaint in the Warzone community because players who usually sit on top of a building seemingly have a better chance to win the match than people who run around. The campers force other players to play slowly and those who like to rush get caught off guard often.

Although Summit1g’s idea to counter rooftop campers may work, it could become an issue later if players start to abuse the airstrike to catch easy wins.

This isn’t Summit1g’s first complaint about Warzone. He said last week that the solo mode “sucks” and wishes that Infinity Ward would implement a duos mode in the future.

It’s unclear if Infinity Ward will accept Summi1g’s suggestion regarding rooftop campers in the upcoming weeks.