Summit1g on Warzone solos: “It kinda sucks, to be honest”

The solos mode in every battle royale is an unenjoyable experience, according to Summit1g.

Screengrab via Summit1G

Like many other popular streamers, Summit1g has dived into the newest battle royale sensation, Call of Duty: Warzone. Summit1g, however, isn’t enjoying Warzone’s solos mode, a playlist option that was added to the game earlier this week.

During his stream yesterday, a viewer suggested he try out the mode once more and Summit1g shared his thoughts with his audience.

“I don’t really like solo Warzone,” Summit1g said. “Well, I haven’t given it a crazy chance, but it kinda sucks, to be honest. Just dying, it kind of feels like another BR, where you just die, it’s over. People are very campy, very sweaty. You know, solos in every BR are pretty much the most unenjoyable experience on Earth.”

Summit1g said if he was the one calling the shots at Infinity Ward, he’d have chosen to add a duos mode before solos and he hopes that the devs will add a duos mode soon. Luckily for Summit1g, he put together a squad with some other streamers and didn’t have to play solo.

It’s unclear whether Infinity Ward will accept Summit1g’s suggestion in the upcoming weeks. The streamer has vast experience in FPS titles and even played as a stand-in for Splyce’s CS:GO team in 2016.

Although Warzone is the only game that Summit1g has streamed in the past seven days, according to Twitch statistics website SullyGnome, he’s uncertain whether he enjoys it. Last week, on March 12, he wrote on Twitter that he wasn’t convinced about playing the game in the long term.

A few days later, on March 16, he tweeted that “CoD has been a blast last few days” and that he never thought he’d like the game that much. He might change his opinion again, though, if he’s forced to play some solo games.