Summit1g one-shots Maven with crossbow while parachuting in Call of Duty: Warzone pre-game lobby

"Summit just shit on my fucking soul."

Photo via MLG

Despite not playing professionally for years, it appears former CS:GO pro summit1g’s still got it.

The Twitch streamer landed a spectacular crossbow shot on Call of Duty League commentator Maven during his broadcast today, dumbfounding both parties involved.

As summit1g was parachuting into the pre-game lobby and waiting for his match to start, he caught sight of his unaware victim on a rooftop. The former pro cut his chute for a brief second to take a shot while he plummeted to the ground—and it hit true.

“Imagine if that was the real Maven that I just did that to,” a surprised summit remarked after seeing the commentator’s name pop up.

Maven, who was on the other end of this insane play, was just as amazed.

“Okay, well we’re definitely playing PC players ‘cause I just got smoked by summit mid air,” Maven said. “Summit just shit on my fucking soul.”

Even though the sick shot was in the pre-game lobby and not in the actual game, it was still a spectacular display of pinpoint accuracy.

To watch more stellar summit plays, tune in to his Twitch channel. And to see Maven try to redeem himself after that shot, tune into his broadcast.