Sources: Zer0, Nastie, and Gismo at top of London Royal Ravens’ wish list

London plans to build around Afro.

Photo via Call of Duty League™

The London Royal Ravens are expected to bring both Zer0 and Nastie back to the franchise and add rookie player Gismo to its Call of Duty League roster, sources tell Dot Esports.

Last season, the Ravens struggled to find any type of consistency within its starting lineup. The franchise ran into multiple visa-related issues that prevented Zer0 from entering the U.S. and also delayed Afro’s arrival until Stage Four. On top of that, Alexx flew home for two months during Stage One due to personal family matters and Dylan was benched after the Stage Two Major, presumably for performance issues.

Once the Black Ops Cold War season officially ended, London announced that it was parting ways with Seany, Alexx, PaulEhx, and Zed, leaving only Afro to build around. Now, the Ravens will look to bring Zer0 back for his third season with the franchise—and he’s expected to take on a leadership role on the team.

During Zer0’s first year on the team, he wasn’t added to the lineup until four months into the 2020 season via buyout from the New York Subliners. And in his second year, he never made it onto American soil and was eventually released in April 2021 without playing a single match.

Nastie is another returnee for the franchise. He also ran into visa-related issues in 2020 that prevented him from making his debut as a Raven, though. Nastie is regarded as one of the best amateur talents Europe has to offer and he’s won multiple tournaments throughout the last two Challengers seasons to back that up.

Lastly, the Ravens will likely sign rookie player Gismo, who’s known as one of the best up-and-coming assault rifle players in the European region. During the Cold War Challengers season, Gismo, with Nastie, dominated the second half of the year and ended it by placing first in the European Challengers Finals.