Sources: Havok potentially benched by Florida Mutineers, to be replaced by Neptune

Neptune would be Call of Duty's latest Halo rookie.

Photo by Jordan Reed via EsportsNation

Eighteen-year-old rookie player Neptune is expected to take Havok’s starting position on the Florida Mutineers, according to multiple sources.

Havok secured three Call of Duty League Home Series victories last season playing under the Mutineers banner, but his time as a starter might have come to an end—for now at least.

Neptune began his esports career playing Halo in 2017 and eventually made the switch to Call of Duty after turning 18 last year.

He quickly made a name for himself in the Challengers scene during Black Ops Cold War, teaming with former professional players like Parasite, Decemate, Blazt, Drazah, Felo, Proto, and Nagafen. He came in fourth, top eight, and top six in this season’s first three Challengers Cups. Neptune was signed as the Mutineers’ substitute on Jan. 10.

Leading up to this weekend’s Challengers Cup, Neptune was practicing with Felo, Decemate, and Nagafen. The three are now rumored to play with Los Angeles Thieves substitute Drazah in place of Neptune.

The Mutineers are scheduled to scrim OpTic Chicago later today. If the scrim goes ahead and OpTic decides to stream, we could get an early look at the potential new Florida lineup of Skyz, Owakening, Slacked, and Neptune.

Whether Neptune is simply being trialed as a starter is unknown.