Some PS4 players can pre-download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s season 5 update

It's another big daddy download.

Image via Activision

Fire up your PS4, Call of Duty gamers. Some players woke up this morning and found out they can download the upcoming season five update for Modern Warfare a bit early.

The update file is 36 GB, which is, shockingly, smaller than many of the game’s previous updates, which used to routinely come in at over 70 GB. But while this patch can be downloaded by some, it can’t be installed until Aug. 5.

Screengrab via PlayStation

Previously, the downloads for CoD updates didn’t begin until the early morning hours of the update day, usually around 1am CT.

While some users are able to download the update today, many others can’t. It can be triggered by pressing Options while hovering Modern Warfare in the PS4 menu and then clicking “Check for Update.” Some get the update, while others only get the message that the application is up to date.

It’s unclear why some gamers are getting the update and others aren’t, but it’s worth checking for so the game can be played quicker when the install is able to be completed on Wednesday morning.

Season five of Modern Warfare and Warzone is expected to bring new maps, new Operators, new weapons, and finally some updates to the Warzone map, Verdansk, on Aug. 5.