Some players were reportedly able to boot up the Call of Duty 2020 Alpha on Xbox One

Is it called Call of Duty: Black Ops CIA?

Image via Activision

Some Xbox One players have reportedly had success in starting up the secret game The Red Door, which looks to be a codename for the upcoming Call of Duty game’s alpha test.

When booting it up, the title reads Call of Duty: Black Ops CIA on the Xbox One, according to a tweet by YouTuber TheGamingRevolution, who was sent a bunch of images from a Twitter user.

The game could be called Black Ops CIA, or just Black Ops, and the CIA part is an abbreviation for something like “Call of Duty Internal Alpha.” But since the CIA is likely involved in the game’s storyline, it could be a part of the title itself.

What looks like a title screen was also tweeted, however, showing Call of Duty: Black Ops. But the player was reportedly unable to get any further than that.

The new CoD title has had numerous leaks, including alleged gameplay footage and many rumors. Most rumors point to the game being a reboot of the Black Ops series with a new storyline and reimagined characters, much like 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot.

It’s looking more and more like the next Call of Duty is going to be revealed soon, so stay tuned for an official confirmation in the next few weeks.