Shroud calls Warzone’s scale and stability “impressive,” praises developers

Shroud has some kinds words for Activision's latest effort.

Photo via DreamHack

Shroud has given his stamp of approval for Activision’s entry into the battle royale genre.

The streamer released a video called “THE BEST COD YET”—a title that itself is already high praise—but went on to describe how he felt in detail about Call of Duty: Warzone‘s immense scale.

Shroud had one main criticism, however, regarding the game’s audio issues. While the game has become immensely popular, reaching over 15 million players, even the former CS:GO pro has trouble gauging distance from gunshots or opponents.

“It’s fun, it’s chaotic as fuck, and you get flanked with no sound all the time, but besides that, it’s fun.

“I give this game the exception because of its scale, I don’t give Apex the exception at all,” continued Shroud. “But this game? Holy fuck!”

Using Apex Legends as a direct comparison point is no surprise, considering the streamer’s recent hours have been put into Respawn’s battle royale. The former CS:GO pro previously called out Apex for issues such as not having a reconnect option and heavy muzzle flashes that obscure visibility and was a direct detriment to PC players’ aim.

“This game is impressive just from a development standpoint,” Shroud said. “What they’ve managed to achieve is pretty nuts.”

When his squadmate mentioned that he couldn’t “believe how [Warzone] runs better than Apex… with four times the population on the map, ” Shroud chuckled in response.

“And four times the loot, the chaos, the map size, everything,” the streamer said. “I’m saying, it’s impressive.”