Shroud says Apex Legends devs must change or remove muzzle flash to balance platform crossplay

Controller players will always have aim assist, but the muzzle flash just makes it unfair for PC players.

Image via Shroud

Shroud has been one of the most well-known first-person shooter streamers since his days with Twitch. He’s also been one of the better Apex Legends streamers, although he does believe that the game’s developers need to make some changes if they want to make the game cross-platform in the future.

“If they’re even considering doing crossplay, muzzle flash needs to be changed or removed,” shroud said. “It’s not so much that controllers are this aimbot experience, although they can be. The problem is the controller is correcting you, even when there’s visual impairments.”

The 25-year-old veteran explained how hard it was for PC players to see through the intense amount of visuals that can occur during a close-range teamfight, like a Thermite Grenade’s fire or the muzzle flash from an R99 submachine gun.

Console players, however, wouldn’t need to worry about this since the controller will correct their aim for them while they’re visually impaired. All they’ll need to do is point in the general direction of an enemy and the controller will do the rest of the work.

Luckily, the game’s developers announced today that they’ll be adjusting muzzle flash for all weapons while aiming down sights, except for shotguns and sniper rifles, in tomorrow’s big update. This should help alleviate the visibility issues that have been plaguing the Apex community on PC.

There hasn’t been any news on a timeline for Apex crossplay just yet, but this is a step in the right direction to maintain a good balance if PC and console players are ever to play together.