#RosterMania: Post UMG California

A comprehensive summary of all the roster changes that have taken place since UMG California 2015.

Roster Mania has simply become part of the Call of Duty eSports life cycle. We’ve all come to know and hate it but it’s a fact of life; loyalty is one of the most scarce traits among CoD pros. No matter our feelings, it’s our job to report on the changes, so starting from the conclusion of UMG California, here are the Roster Mania changes in chronological order:

Monday, May 18

Vitality.Storm acquire Peatie and Watson

Previously on Aware Gaming and finding form as of late, Adam ‘Peatie’ Peate and Josh ‘Watson’ Watson left to join up with experienced players Tom ‘Tommey’ Trewren and Joshua-Lee ‘Joshh’ Shephard, previously with Epsilon, on Vitality.Storm.

Wolf departs from DA.Below Zero

Brennen ‘Wolf’ Lockhart was dropped from Bz to become a Free Agent, leaving Adam ‘Assauhlt’ Garcia, Zak ‘GodLike’ Goldstein and Mike ‘Swarley’ Carter looking for a 4th.

Tuesday, May 19

SunnyB joins Barrage eSports

‘SunnyB,’ who played for Klar1ty Gaming at Call of Duty Championship 2015, joined up with Kelvin ‘RusH’ Bosman, Brandon ‘LXT’ McAllister and David ‘Urban’ Marsh under Barrage eSports.

Thursday, May 21

Anticity is subbed out for Remy on Automatic Reload

Spencer ‘Anticity’ Askins decided to leave after being subbed out for Remington ‘Remy’ Ihringer in the MLG Pro League. This meant Anticity became a Free Agent.


Trident pick up Chilean, Damage, Fate and Beastn

The entire Integral Nation roster decided to part ways with the organisation and join up with Trident eSports.

Saturday, May 23

Prophecy have a moment of madness

Sam ‘Octane’ Larew replaced Jared ‘Nagafen’ Harrell on Prophecy, then Octane, Ulysses ‘AquA’ Silva and Bryan ‘Apathy’ Zhelyazkov all left to make up FaZe.Black leaving Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price as the sole member on Prophecy. One thing to note is this was never officially announced by FaZe themselves.


Sunday, May 24

FAB eSports acquire POW3R

Giorgio ‘POW3R’ Calandrelli who previously played for NxG has joined Massi ‘GunElite’ Safi and Kevin ‘Kivi’ Fiala under the fabE organisation. They’re still searching for a 4th.

Monday, May 25

Prophecy’s madness continues

After a brief spell on FaZe.Black, Octane, Aqua and Apathy return to Prophecy alongside Aches.

Killa is replaced by Mochila on OpTic.Nation

OpTic.Nation make a surprise change, dropping Adam ‘Killa’ Sloss and replacing him with Steve ‘Mochila’ Canle for the upcoming relegation tournament. This means the current ON roster is Marcus ‘MBoZe’ Blanks, Marcus ‘MiRx’ Carter, Richard ‘Ricky’ Stacy and Mochila.

UnderRatiX pick up Bullet and Cosmo

UnderRatiX, who represented Germany at CoD Champs 2015, have only one member from that squad remaining. Sebastian ‘CooKsTeR’ Schubert, who earlier picked up Max ‘Baum’ Schreiner, has now picked up Chris ‘Bullet’ Massaquoi and Luca ‘Cosmo’ Gauer to represent uX.

Team Orbit drop Lawless for Burnsoff

Team Orbit decide Ryan ‘Lawless’ Lawless was the weak link and replace him with Matthew ‘Burnsoff’ Potthoff, making their roster Lamar ‘Accuracy’ Abedi, Nick ‘Happy’ Suda, Brice ‘Faccento’ Faccento and Burnsoff.

Epsilon eSports create a North American squad

Epsilon eSports dip their toes back into the NA scene, acquiring Remington ‘Remy’ Ihringer, Jared ‘Nagafen’ Harrell and lesser known player Matthew ‘Royalty’ Faithfull to play alongside Callum ‘Swanny’ Swan for the MLG Pro League Season 3 Relegation Tournament.

eXcellence Gaming re-enter the CoD scene picking up a brand new roster

eX get involved in the CoD scene again by picking up a roster consisting of Michael ‘Jsano’, Jimmy ‘Evasion’ Svetich, Joey ‘Stringo’ Giammatteo and their captain, Brennen ‘Wolf’ Lockhart, who was dropped from DA.Below Zero.

Tuesday, May 26

Strictly Business acquire a new squad

sB put together a new roster consisting of Michael ‘Spacely’ Schmale, Teegan ‘TcM’ McCarthy, Jeremy ‘StuDyy’ Astacio and Spencer ‘Anticity’ Askins for S3.

XGN Competitive and Automatic Reload partner to enter a squad for S3

In a fairly unique situation, aR joined up with XGN to enter a roster consisting of Ryan ‘Lawless’ Lawless, Joey ‘MerK’ Deluca, Tyler ‘FeLonY’ Johnson and Mike ‘Blfire’ Glushenok for the relegation tournament.

Killa replaces Sinful on vVv Gaming

In an unfortunate situation 15 minutes before roster lock, Jonathan ‘SinfuL’ Baez was dropped by the vVv squad and replaced by Adam ‘Killa’ Sloss who was dropped the previous day by OpTic.Nation. This means the vVv squad for the S3 relegation tournament is Phillip ‘PHiZZURP’ Klemenov, Johnathan ‘John’ Perez, Eric ‘TwiZz’ Servello and Killa.

Pacman and Miyagi join SYNRGY Gaming

Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker and Daniel ‘Miyagi’ Ho fill the two empty places on the SYNRGY squad, joining Tyree ‘Legal’ Glover and Andrew ‘Ivy’ Ivers for the S3 relegation tournament.

ColeChan joins DA.Below Zero

Bz fill the hole left by the departure of Brennen ‘Wolf’ Lockhart the previous week by picking up Cole ‘ColeChan’ Chancey to play alongside Adam ‘Assauhlt’ Garcia, Zak ‘GodLike’ Goldstein and Mike ‘Swarley’ Carter.

Dream Team pick up Fears, Jump and Stringo

Mike ‘Vicious’ Santos picks up Damod ‘FEARS’ Abney, Brett ‘Jump’ Hall and Joey ‘Stringo’ Giammatteo, who recently played under eX, to play alongside him under dT.


Note: Dimi has been replaced by Stringo.

Wednesday, May 27

Barrage eSports roster disbands

Despite defeating OpTic Gaming at ESWC, the Barrage roster consisting of Kelvin ‘RusH’ Bosman, Brandon ‘LXT’ McAllister and David ‘Urban’ Marsh and SunnyB is unfortunately no more.

Thursday, May 28

Dream Team acquire a second team

dT get even more invested with Call of Duty by picking up a 2nd team to compete at the S3 relegation tournament. The roster consists of Robert ‘Dimi’ Redford, Isaac ‘Fox’ Fox, Brett ‘Baker’ Baker and Jimmy ‘Evasion’ Svetich.


Friday, May 29

Epsilon eSports re-acquire a European squad

Epsilon jump straight back into the EU scene by picking up Mark ‘MarkyB’ Bryceland, Rhys ‘Rated’ Price, Joe ‘Joee’ Pinnington and Jordan ‘Reedy’ Reed.


That’s it for this Roster Mania period, next up is the MLG Pro League Season 3 Relegation Tournament in Columbus. As always, follow @eSportsNation on Twitter for the latest Call of Duty eSports news.