Roster Mania Confirmed Changes

Changes so far during the post Call of Duty Championship's Roster Mania period.

As we see so often after a big event, teams become unhappy with their placement and their teammates and decide some changes need to be had. The popular saying ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ seems appropriate during these periods of changes, coined as ‘RosterMania’ in the Call of Duty eSports community. Nevertheless, it’s important to stay on top of all of these changes and transfers so here’s a helpful summary for all of the major team changes so far.


Dedo, Strictly Business, and Denial eSports

One of the more surprising moves so far in RosterMania, Dedo has left Strictly Business after they only achieved a 9th-12th placement at CoD Champs 2015 and has joined Denial eSports as a sub for them in the league.


Neslo and Strictly Business

Neslo was the second player to leave Strictly Business after their disappointing CoD Champs placement and is still currently without a team.


FaZe France

FaZe have dipped their toes into the European scene by creating a French team consisting of ZylewR, Malls and Vortex who previously played at Champs 2015 under Ascentia Gaming and Zeroo who played at Champs under HyperGames. Exciting stuff as FaZe become the only organisation to currently have Call of Duty squads competing in both North America and Europe!


MboZe and Prophecy

After CoD Champs MboZe announced he was leaving Prophecy and becoming a free agent. A little more surprising as Prophecy achieved a 4th place finish at Champs which was higher than most people predicted.


RickyeLevateSpaceLy, and Prophecy

An official trade took place between eLevate and Prophecy for the exchange of Ricky and Spacely. Ricky announced the news via a TwitLonger and was considerably more upbeat about the move than SpaceLy was.


Blfire, Automatic Reload, and Happy

After Autotmatic Reload’s 5th place finish at Champs they decided Blfire was their weak link and dropped him from the squad, replacing him with Happy who previously played for Aware.NA in the MLG CoD Pro League before their spot in the league was sold to TCM.


Chilean, FateDamage, Exile.5, IntegralNation, and Beastn

Over in the Australian scene, 3 of the 4 players on Exile.5 were dropped due to some disagreements between the organisation and the players, which left Iskatuu as the sole member currently on the Exile.5 roster. As the Integral Nation lineup was having issues within the squad post-Champs, the ex-Exile.5 players decided to join IN and pick up Beastn as their 4th.


Vitality.X and Vitality.Dark

Vitality announced they acquired four players in total; AzoX and HHope joined Vitality.X alongside Getsom and DyLux while PleasR and MysTK joined Vitality.Dark alongside BroKeN and Agonie.


RiskiNHyperGames, and Vitality.X

Another French team change; AzoX leaving HyperGames to play on Vitality.X meant HyperGames had to replace him from somewhere and where better than the same team. RiskiN joins HyperGames alongside mAxxie, TonyJ and Veziok.


DimiVert3sUP EnterprisesSender, and Diabolic

After 3sUP failed to achieve higher than 17th-32nd at CoD Champs 2015, they decided some changes needed to happen and replaced Dimi and Vert with Sender and Diabolic who most recently played for Rise Nation. They joined Strife and CaLiFa under the 3sUP organization.


REPPIN, Below Zero, and Swarley

After Below Zero placed above expectations at Champs with a 13th-16th finish, REPPIN decided to leave and was replaced by Swarley for future competitions.


SinfuLTwiZz, and Orbit.NA

Even though Orbit.NA achieved a 9th-12th place finish at Champs, SinfuL and TwiZz announced they’d both be leaving and declared Free Agency. No team has announced they’ll be picking them up yet.


NaDeSHoT,  Karma, and  OpTic Gaming

Undoubtedly the biggest story of this RosterMania period, ‘the nation’s favorite gamer’ has announced he’ll be taking a step back from playing competitively and focusing more on YouTube and streaming. He announced this in a vlog with the owner of OpTic Gaming, H3CZ.

It was also announced shortly after, that Karma would be his replacement on the OpTic Gaming lineup, transferring from OpTic Nation. This leaves an open spot on OpTic Nation and it is still yet to be announced who will be filling in. This means the OpTic Gaming roster consists of Scump, FormaL, Crimsix and Karma.


There’s still a lot of time left for anything to happen in this edition of RosterMania so make sure you follow the @eSportsNation Twitter to stay in the loop!