#RosterMania: April 7, 2015

Roster Mania is upon us: April 7, 2015

Roster Changes April 7, 2015

Multiple team announcements are due to be made today so we’ll be keeping track of them all here. Check back regularly to see what’s been announced.

15:39: eLevate announce their lineup henceforth as Slacked, Classic, Teej and Temp

eLevate have confirmed their lineup for the rest of the MLG Pro Call of Duty league to be Slacked, Classic, Teej and Temp. They have also announced their substitute lineup to be Faccento and Nagafen. This means Ricky has been traded for Faccento who was a substitute for OpTic Nation.


15:56: TeePee confirms via ESR he’s been traded to EnVyUs

TeePee has confirmed he’s been traded from OpTic Nation to nV however the full lineup for nV is still unannounced.


15:58: FaZe confirm their lineup as Enable, SlasheR, Huke and ZooMa

FaZe announce they have released Parasite and Aches and picked up Huke and ZooMa to complete their lineup.


16:02: Parasite leaks he’ll be teaming with Nameless, Sharp and Goonjar under Team Kaliber

No official word from Team Kaliber yet however Parasite has announced on Twitter he’ll be joining up with Nameless, Sharp and Goonjar for the foreseeable future.

UPDATE 16:25: Team Kaliber officially announce their confirmed lineup as above.


16:05: Spacely has leaked he’s staying on Prophecy and joining him will be Study, Apathy and Mochila

Again, no word from Prophecy just yet but according to Spacely, he’ll be playing alongside Study, Apathy and Mochila for Season 2 of the MLG Call of Duty Pro League.


UPDATE 17:31: Acid confirms what Spacely leaked previously that the lineup is Spacely, Study, Apathy and Mochila.

16:36: MboZe confirms the widely rumoured OpTic Nation roster of himself, Killa, MiRX and Ricky

Everyone had already guessed it but MboZe finally confirmed, he’ll be returning to OpTic Nation alongside Killa, MiRX and Ricky.

16:42: Hastr0 announces the EnVyUs lineup as Loony, TeePee, Proofy and Saints with Aches and Merk on the bench

Hastr0 has provided a lengthy explanation for the changes to Team EnVyUs on the /r/EnVyUs subreddit. He’s confirmed Loony has joined from tK in exchange for Nameless, TeePee joined from OpTic Nation in a 3 way trade with Zooma going to FaZe, Proofy has joined along with Saints staying on the lineup. Merk has also been switched from a starter to a substitute and analyst while Aches has joined as their final substitute.

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