Roster Mania: MLG World Finals Edition

Roster Mania is in full effect following the completion of the MLG Pro League Season 3 Playoffs, and we will have all of the confirmed roster changes listed in this article.

With the conclusion of the MLG Pro League Season 3 Playoffs for Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare this past weekend in Columbus, Ohio, many teams are already looking ahead and making roster changes in preparation for the MLG World Finals in New Orleans, LA next month on Oct. 16-18. This is a compilation of all the confirmed roster changes so far in the Call of Duty community following the Season 3 Playoffs.

*Disclaimer: This article was last updated on Sept. 30, 2015. None of these individual roster changes announced by players have been confirmed by their organizations yet (unless otherwise noted). 

Lethal Gaming Announces New Roster

After a top-12 finish at UMG Washington D.C. 2015, Lethal Gaming has decided to change things up with their roster and bring four new players over to their organization: Evan “ Holler ” Howard, Mike “ MRuiz ” Ruiz, Kade “ Kade ” Jones, and Nick “ Proto ” Maldonado.

MRuiz and Kade are most well known for their top-three finish with Enigma 6 at UMG California earlier this year, but most recently they were competing under the Tactical Turtles organization. Holler and Proto were on VexX Gaming for UMG D.C., where they placed top-16 and won $1,000 for being one of the four best teams (along with Lethal) outside of the MLG Pro League.

Apathy Joins Team Kaliber

Bryan “ Apathy ” Zhelyazkov has officially joined Team Kaliber after leaving  Rise Nation  just a few days ago. Apathy is now reunited with Team Kaliber, the team he was on when he won a Silver Medal at the 2014 MLG X-Games. 

Nameless Joins OpTic Nation

After Team Kaliber officially confirmed that they released Anthony “ Nameless ” Wheeler, Marcus “MBoZe” Blanks tweeted that Nameless will be OpTic Nation’s fourth for the MLG Finals. 

XGN Competitive’s Roster Revealed

According to MLG’s 12 group play teams, XGN Competitive‘s roster for the MLG World Finals will include Phillip “ PHiZZURP ” Klemenov, Adam “ KiLLa ” Sloss, Tyler “ FeLony ” Johnson and Jeremy “StuDyy” Astacio

Anticity Leaves Dream Team

Spencer ” Anticity” Askins announced via Twitter that he is leaving Dream Team and will be a free agent for the MLG Finals. dT is now a team of three looking for one.

 ACHES Joins Rise Nation

Rise Nation has confirmed that they have picked up Call of Duty legend Patrick ” ACHES” Price to be their fourth for the MLG World Finals in New Orleans.

TeePee Leaves TCM Gaming

Tyler ” TeePee” Polchow announced on twitter that he has left  TCM Gaming and will be a free agent for the MLG Finals in October.

Stunner Gaming Releases Baker to Add GodLike

After releasing Brett ” Baker” Baker,  Stunner Gaming announced that they have picked up Zack ” GodLike” Goldstein to complete their roster for the MLG World Finals.

3sUP Enterprises Release Aries to Add Fox

After announcing that they released ” Aries,”  3sUP Enterprises has confirmed that they have picked up Issac ” Fox” Padilla to complete their roster for the MLG Finals.

Team Orbit Releases Accuracy

Team Orbit officially announced that they have released Lamar ” Accuracy” Abedi and will be looking for one player for the MLG World Finals in October.

All Four Players Leave Most Wanted

Most Wanted eSports announced that they no longer have a team for the MLG Finals. Jevon ” Goonjar” Gooljar-Lim, Jonathan ” Pacman” Tucker, ” Ivy” and Dylan ” Cells” Mock will either all be free agents for this event or they will stick together as a team looking for an organization to represent.

Octane Leaves EnVy for eLevate

In one of the more shocking moves thus far during Roster Mania, Sam ” Octane” Larew has left Team EnVy to join Team eLevate. This move now means that Team EnVy will be looking for one player for the MLG Finals. To make room for Octane on their roster, eLevate released Nick ” Classic” DiCostanzo.

Classic Joins Denial eSports

Denial eSports has confirmed that Nick ” Classic” DiCostanzo will be joining their team to complete their roster for the MLG World Finals in October.

AquA Leaves EnVy for Epsilon

Epsilon eSports confirmed via twitter that Ulysses ” AquA” Silva has left Team EnVy to join Epsilon eSports. This move now means that EnVy will be looking for two players to complete their roster for the MLG Finals. To make room for AquA on their roster, Epsilon decided to release Matthew ” Royalty” Faithfull.

Mochila Forms New Team Under Thrust Nation

Steve “ Mochila ” Canle announced on Twitter that he will be teaming with Matthew “Royalty” Faithfull, Damod “FEARS” Abney, and Andres “Lacefield” Lacefield under the Thrust Nation organization for the MLG World Finals.

Team EnVy Announces New Roster

Team EnVy announced earlier today on Twitter that they have picked up Jevon ” Goonjar” Gooljar-Lim and Jordan ” Jurd” Crowley to complete their roster for the MLG Finals. Jurd will be playing for nV on a loan from TCM Gaming.

Mutiny Reveals New Lineup

Mutiny revealed their new lineup on Twitter today, with their roster now consisting of Alex ” Psycho” Lawrence, Jimmy ” Evasion” Svetich, Joey ” Stringo” Giammatteo, and Brennen ” Wolf” Lockhart.

Team Orbit Adds Replays

Team Orbit officially confirmed that  Chris “ Replays ” Crowder will be joining their team to complete their roster for the MLG World Finals. 

Enigma6 Adds ExiB

The Enigma6 Group announced that they have added Kelsey ” ExiB” Newsome to complete their roster for the MLG Finals. ExiB will be teaming with Jordon ” General” Holloway, Johnathan ” John” Perez and Jordan ” ProoFy” Cannon.

We will be updating this article daily as more official changes are announced. Be sure to follow @eSportsNation for quick updates regarding rosters and all other Call of Duty news.