Raven Software working on multiple bugs introduced in latest Call of Duty: Warzone update

Help is on the way.

Screengrab via Activision

Raven Software is aware of and working to resolve Call of Duty: Warzone bugs impacting loot spawns, buy stations, and weapon unlock challenges. 

The latest Warzone update introduced several bugs that are impacting players on all platforms. Players are encountering inconsistent loot spawns in the types of loot around the map, making it harder to survive in the early game. There are also more Contracts than usual spawning around the map, which is preventing Buy Stations from appearing on the Tac Map. 

Contracts are useful ways to earn money quickly, but not knowing where the nearest Buy Station is negates the benefit. Loot spawn inconsistencies also impact the flow of games, making it harder for players to fight when under-equipped or stuck searching for the right gear. 

The good news is Raven Software is aware of the problems and is investigating the issues impacting Warzone. There are three cards on the Warzone Trello board right now for these problems, so players can track the team’s progress. 

The recent Warzone update was meant to implement bug fixes and the playlist forecast for November, but it seems like several unintended bugs were also released. Warzone players are no stranger to bugs, but these are significant and can impact gameplay. 

It’s unclear when the bugs will be resolved and if a patch will need to be released to fix them, but help is on the way.