Post-UMG Philly Roster Change Recap: Part 1

In a chaotic day of major roster changes, the Call of Duty community has watched top teams make some surprising decisions as they work to become champions in the 2014 season.

In a chaotic day of major roster changes, the Call of Duty community has watched top teams make some surprising decisions as they work to become champions in the 2014 season. What started as an announcement from OpTic Gaming led into a massive whirlwind of news as more teams announced huge changes in their pro rosters.

Here is a recap of the plethora of changes that took place today, with many more still to come in the coming days and weeks.


It was no surprise that Optic would be announcing a new player to replace BigTymer’s spot after his retirement. However, it came as a shock to discover that Optic would be forced to find two players after Scump announced he would be joining Team EnVyUs. He joins Proofy, Goonjar, and Merk to continue into the 2014 season.

#Rambo Becomes Coach of Team EnvyUs

With Scump joining Team EnVy’s ranks, Rambo announced that he would move to a coaching position for the team, releasing his own statement on Twitter saying, “Definitely not calling it quits as far as my competitive career though, but i need some time away from playing. Looking forward to helping this sick roster in anyway i can to be where they need to be to win day in day out.”


After announcing his departure from Team Kaliber, who sealed a second place standing at UMG Philadelphia, Clayster joined Optic Gaming to fill the spot vacated by coach BigTymer.

#Parasite Joins Optic Gaming

In a move that surprised many, Chris “Parasite” Duarte announced his departure from Curse and joined Optic Gaming to fill Scump’s open spot. He joins the completed roster of Nadeshot, Ricky, and Clayster as they prepare for the rest of the 2014 season.

#Team Fear Searches for Two

After the departure of Formal, Team Fear announced that they would be parting ways with teammate CMPLX. With a team consisting of only Moho and Dedo, they are now searching for two players to complete the Fear roster.

#Fears Departs from Strictly Business

In an official statement on Twitter, Captain of Strictly Business Censor, spoke about the release of teammate Fears:

“When I was first contacted by Strictly Business to become their Captain, I promised them one thing. That I would take this team from where it was to a consistent championship caliber team. I’ve dedicated so much of my time to this game and this team to make it the best it can possibly be. Since I’m so determined, it saddens me to announce that we decided to part ways with @FEARS_sB. Despite our placings getting better and better, the team feels that this is in the best interest to make the best possible roster moving forward to Gfinity, Cod champs, etc.”

#Bissell Leaves Team Infused

In a short statement on Twitter, Bissell announced his departure from Team Infused saying, “With champs coming around, I have parted ways with tobi, mak and Blackk, nothing personal, I just want to make the most out of how long I have left playing.”

#Justus Searches For One

Team Justus is officially searching for one after parting ways with Heist who is now a free agent.


eLevate, one of the lesser known teams made a surprising roster move despite a very good performance at UMG Philly. However, yesterday eLevate decided to release the team captain, SlasheR stating, “We have decided in our best interest since the end of UMG Philly has arrived – that we stroll down the road of looking for a new fourth – This decision comes from attitude and the better of the teams sake, of working together and achieving success.

“This roster change is NOT about performance on LAN – or no performance at all – Just the difference of how well a team can focus with the same goal in each head of 4 players and how well they plan to mobilize on thought and use on the best of their ability to rather heighten their team mates experience and skill, then drown it down. We have dropped SlasheR from our Call of Duty roster – and we are looking into picking up someone whom the team is comfortable with.”

Watch out for eLevate to return with a new forth and impress everybody at the next LAN event.


After making a roster change prior to UMG Philadelphia, picking up Stainville in place of Sin didn’t work in Fuse’s favor. After losing both games and getting knocked out early on at UMG Philly, Ivan “Thing2” Saavedra decided to part ways with the Fuse roster. He announced later that he would be joining former Fuse member, Sin who placed 6th at Philly with the pick up team Juked.


Phaze and Moti of Dare made the decision to part ways with the Dare roster today. They are both Free Agents and will be looking for a team to represent.

Multiple teams are now searching for new players to join their squads, and with many free agents to be had, it seems like the roster changing madness has only just begun.

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