Players encounter reload glitch while using shotguns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Using your entire mag might be a bad idea.

Image via Activision

Reloading a weapon in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a necessary but risky part of the game. Reloading leaves players vulnerable for a brief period and can potentially give enemy players an easy kill. Most players reload while in cover and only do so when necessary. But a new glitch is causing reload animations to get stuck in an infinite loop, leaving players vulnerable and unable to replenish their ammo.

A player uploaded a clip of the glitch occurring while playing an Infected match on Rust. The last remaining players were holding back the horde of infected players and had a chance of winning. The glitch prevented the player from reloading his shotgun, however, which gave the enemy team the opportunity to overrun the survivors.

Another player also uploaded a clip of the glitch occurring with the same shotgun in a Gunfight match. The player tried to reload the weapon and was placed in the same infinite animation glitch but was still able to shoot the gun. It seems that ammo still in the weapon can be used but will not replenish when the glitch occurs.

A few players in the comment section responded that the glitch only occurs with the Model 680 shotgun when the player empties an entire mag of slug rounds. Others reported the glitch happening in Spec Ops mode as well with the same weapon and ammo type. The glitch is not currently listed on Infinity Ward’s Trello Board, so players will have to wait for the bug to be acknowledged and subsequently removed.