PAX Road to Victory – Unite

UNiTE Takes PAX Invitational

PAX has now come to an end, and the crown has officially been handed off to UNiTE Gaming; now being able to say they are the ones who have dethroned Complexity and taken home the winnings from the Turtle Beach MLG PAX Prime Invitational. Congratulations to MBoZe, Parasite, Ricky and Nameless.

Let’s take a look at UNiTE’s journey over the four days at PAX; the competition they’ve faced and how the stood up against them. (Remember, that for the group play, all games were best of three’s; but all three maps were played to hand each of the teams an even score leading up to the final day for semi-finals; a best of five, and finals; a best of seven.)


Day One

Moving through the first day of the tournament, UNiTE faced up against Team EnVyUs Astonish.Bad History and SoaR Competitive; ending the day with the best record of 8 and 1. Many expected Complexity to go in and completely destroy the competition, but UNiTE was the team to take the stage. In the first game of the tournament, UNiTE was to face Team EnVyUs, where they would take the series 2 to 1 and defeat the well known and popular team. Following the nV game, UNiTE matched up against Astonish.Bad History, where they took the series 3 to 0; leading into their last game of the day, where UNiTE would face up against SoaR competitive. They would defeat SoaR 3 to 0 and leave the day with the best record of 8 and 1, going into day 2 of PAX.


Day Two

As the second day of PAX began, UNiTE was to face some of their biggest competition in the tournament. Early on, they were handed a crushing defeat by Complexity, who took their first series of the day 3-0; taking away some of UNiTE’s momentum into Day 2. In game two of the day, UNiTE faced up against the well known power house of Team Kaliber. Unable to shake off the brutal loss to Complexity, UNiTE fell in the series against tK, 2 games to 1. They would now go into Day 3 with the record of 9 and 6.


Day Three

Many were worried that with UNiTE’s not so dominating performance would carry over from day two into day three; UNiTE however, had no plans on missing out on finals. Facing up against what many would call their biggest rival, FOD.Impact, UNiTE would take their first game of the day 2 to 1, making their reach to the finish line, that much closer. Unfortunately, UNiTE failed to finish out the day and lost their second game against FaZe Competitive 2 to 1; ending their group play with a record of 12 and 9, but still securing the fourth place seed into Day Four.


Day Four


Officially in the last day of play, UNiTE was set to face up against Team Kaliber in the Semi-Finals. Having already lost to them when they first met in the tournament; many had to wonder if tK would be the one’s knock UNiTE out of the tournament. Moving on from the best of three series, UNiTE would now face tK in their first best of five series. Going into game one; Hardpoint Slums, UNiTE was out for blood. Unfortunately, tK won the map, taking an early lead in the series of 1-0. Game two would be Search and Destroy on Raid; this was the initial turn around for UNiTE. Taking the map off of tK, they were now tied in the series 1 to 1. Fortunately for UNiTE, they would take game 3, Capture the Flag on Raid, giving them a lead in the series 2 maps to 1 against tK.

Could they do it? Could they defeat tK to go onto Finals? Hardpoint Standoff was next and tK wasn’t backing down that easily. They took game 4 from UNiTE, to tie the series 2 maps to 2. With the final map of the series coming up, UNiTE knew it was going to be an all or nothing battle to the finish. Coming out with a dominate performance on Search and Destroy Express, UNiTE officially knocked Team Kaliber out of the running and was on to face either Complexity or FaZe in the Finals.



Facing up against Complexity Gaming in the earlier stages of group play, Complexity had the upper-hand and was to be believed, the advantage against the UNiTe. Taking game one; Hardpoint on Slums, with a dominate performance of 250 points to 89; Complexity was trying to prove this was their championship. UNiTE however, had another plan; taking games two and three from coL and taking the upper hand in the series. Winning on Search and Destroy Raid with a blasting ratio of 6 rounds to 1, UNiTE had a major momentum boost in their favor. That momentum helped push them into winning game 3; Capture the Flag on Slums, 3 flags to Complexity’s 2 flags.

Onto game four, Complexity was quickly losing momentum and lost their third map in a row, Hardpoint on Raid saw a last minute comeback by UNiTE; taking the game 220 to 214 with some of the clutchest plays made by the players on the UNiTE squad. Would this be the dethroning of Complexity? UNiTE had their eyes set on that finish line and the championship. Going into what would end up being the last map of the event, UNiTE showed another dominating performance on Search and Destroy Express; taking the map from Complexity and winning the event with a crushing defeat of 6 rounds to 2 in Search in Destroy and taking the series 4 to 1.


UNiTE Gaming has officially been crowned the winners of the Turtle Beach MLG PAX Prime Invitational; going home with $5,000 and 5000 pro points for each player. Congrats to UNiTE Gaming @UNiTE_MBoZe @UNiTEParasite @UNiTE_Ricky and @UNiTE_NameLeSs on their successful tournament. Make sure to stay tuned to [@eSportsNation]( for all of your eSports news!