Patch notes for today’s minor Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War update are here

It's got one big fix for a popular Zombies exploit.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty fans were hit with a surprise update in Black Ops Cold War today, and Treyarch has just now released the patch notes for it.

The minor update was small in size and didn't change too much in the game, but the patch will be relevant to Zombies players and those who play Black Ops Cold War on PS5.

Treyarch says the update added "general stability improvements specific to PlayStation 5." Details were not given, but the PS5 version of the game has had its issues with crashing, framerate hitches, and more.

There were also stability fixes for Zombies mode and Dead Ops Arcade, and a fix for an exploit on Die Maschine which let players duplicate weapons—namely, the Ray Gun.

Treyarch also announced today that double weapon XP would begin in-game this Friday, alongside "115 Day," a celebration for the Zombies community. The Treyarch Twitter has been teasing new Zombies content in recent days.

You can check out the full list of patch notes below:


  • General stability improvements specific to PlayStation 5.



  • Various stability fixes.

Die Maschine

  • Closed an exploit that permitted duplication of the player’s weapon.

Dead Ops Arcade 3

  • Various stability fixes.