Paris Games Week eSports Recap

The Paris Games Week Call of Duty®: Black Ops III eSports showmatch just happened on stream and we have all the details written out for you right here.

The Paris Games Week eSports briefing in Paris, France was a huge success, revealing even more information for Call of Duty®: Black Ops III.

The event started with casters Matt “ Mr.X ” Morello and Clint “ Maven ” Evans sitting down with Jay Puryear, the Director of Brand Development at Treyarch . After a brief conversation, the Black Ops III showmatch started up right away, featuring a best-of-five series between Team NA and Team EU. 

The American team consisted of Ian “ Crimsix ” Porter, Jeremy “ StuDyy ” Astacio, Chris “ Replays ” Crowder and Brandon “ Sharp ” Rodgers, while the European roster was made up of Jordan “ Jurd ” Crowley, Massi “ GunElite ” Safi, Giorgio “ POW3R ” Calandrelli and Kevin “ BroKeN ” Georges.

Here is a breakdown of the best-of-five series played on some of the new maps seen for the first time in Black Ops III.

  • Uplink on Metro: Team EU won 6-2
  • Hardpoint on Breach: Team EU won 250-118
  • Search and Destroy on Redwood: Team EU won 6-5
  • Uplink on Exodus: Team NA won 4-3
  • Hardpoint on Havoc: Team NA won 250-104

The big news was announced in between the first two maps when ESL tweeted out that they have officially partnered with Call of Duty eSports for the Pro Division of the Call of Duty World League in 2016.

Then, in between the fourth and fifth maps of this showmatch, more exciting information was released about the format of the Call of Duty World League. The World League will feature two seasons, with the first stage starting in early December. After a mid-season break, stage two will begin. Following the conclusion of the stage two, Call of Duty Championship qualifiers will occur and then COD Champs will be the final event of 2016 for Black Ops III.

Finally, the breakdown of the $1.2 million prize pool for the Pro Division stage competition was revealed on stream. The North American region will feature 12 teams, with eight season finalists and $250,000 per stage. The European region will feature ten teams, with six season finalists and $200,000 per stage, while the Australian region will include eight teams, with four season finalists and $150,000 per stage.

This was an exciting day for the Call of Duty community, and everyone is rife with anticipation for the release of Black Ops III, which will be in stores near you on Nov. 6, 2015.

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