OpTic Scump says he received fine for sponsored stream during CDL offseason

It's unclear why he was fined for playing another game on his personal channel.

Photo via Call of Duty League

Professional Call of Duty player Scump said today he was fined by the Call of Duty League for playing another game during a sponsored stream and was reportedly forced to sign a contract without a lawyer being present. 

Scump explained how he participated in a sponsored stream for Raid Shadow Legends, a popular mobile game outside the realm of Call of Duty. This resulted in a fine from the CDL, according to the pro player, despite the stream occurring during the offseason and taking place on Scump’s channels. Scump further explained the fine was for doing a sponsored stream, indicating that he cannot do sponsored streams for other games at all. 

The OpTic pro also claimed the CDL forced players to sign a contract without their lawyers present at the Player Summit during the inaugural season. According to Scump, if they did not sign the contract, they would have been unable to compete at the Minnesota Home Series. 

It’s unclear why players would be fined for participating in a sponsored stream on their channels, especially when playing games in other genres from Call of Duty. Some have called for a players association to help players negotiate on these rules and prevent further issues. 

Other players have shared their support of Scump speaking out and claim that doing so on social media is the only practical way, as the CDL’s proper channels do not appear to be working. The league has not officially responded to these claims.