OpTic Scump hints at possible Call of Duty League players union

A players union might help prevent further issues between both parties.

Photo via MLG

During a livestream today, professional Call of Duty player Scump discussed a potential players union for the 2021 Call of Duty League season to prevent further issues between the players and the league. 

Earlier today, Scump said he was fined for playing another game during a sponsored stream during the CDL offseason. He also claimed he was forced to sign a contract with the league without a lawyer.

There were talks about a players union last season, according to Scump, but he was the only player to not sign off on the deal. Crimsix tweeted about 59/60 players signing the petition for a players union last season and hinted at Scump being the only player not to sign. 

Scump explained in a recent stream that he did not receive enough information about the players union last season but has now been informed by other players after tweeting about his issues. Scump appears to now be on board with a players union, which might become a reality before the 2021 season. 

It is unclear who would represent the players to the league or how the union or association would work. But there is a clear need for negotiations between the players and the CDL to prevent further issues that can hurt the Call of Duty esports scene.