OpTic Gaming LA moves Dashy to SMG role

SlasheR will be the team's main AR now.

Photo via MLG

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles are in last place in the Call of Duty League and the only team without any CDL Points right now. In an effort to change that, the team is switching up the roles for two of its star players.

Dashy will transition to being a submachine gun player while SlasheR mans the main assault rifle role, OpTic general manager Muddawg announced today.

“We think his aggressiveness will be able to help us get some more kills around the map while simultaneously letting SlasheR, who is another traditional main AR player, control those power positions,” Muddawg said.

The current meta in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare relies on the use of one assault rifle (the M4A1) and four SMGs (the MP5) on most maps. But OpTic have Dashy and SlasheR, who are both most well known as main AR players. By switching up the team’s roles, OpTic are trying to adapt to the meta that they’ve struggled with early in the season.

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OpTic have a 0-4 match record and 3-12 map count so far in the 2020 Call of Duty League season. Muddawg pointed out that his squad has faced some of the best teams in the league during their first two events. But he said that doesn’t matter.

“We built this roster to win championships, and if we can’t compete with every team, then we’re not in the spot we wanna be at,” Muddawg said.

Dashy will get to show off his SMG skills when OpTic play in the Los Angeles Home Series this weekend. OpTic’s first match will be against the Los Angeles Guerrillas on March 7 at 5pm CT.