Operation Supply Drop’s 8-Bit Salute

Operation Supply Drop has announced the details for their annual 8-Bit Salute

Operation Supply Drop has announced the details for its next major event. Their 8-Bit Salute event will see its fourth year in a row, scheduled for May 16-17.

The 8-Bit Salute is the world’s largest gaming fundraiser based on supporting the armed forces. The 24 hour live stream will be hosted by some of OSD’s partners like Astro Gaming, Rooster Teeth, Twitch, GAEMS, Polaris, Wargaming, and theChive. Along with their partners, OSD will bring troops and civilians together as they play for the full 24 hours to raise funds to support their campaign to bring video games and fun to the people who deserve it most.

The event has grown tremendously in its three year history, with more participants already registered in 2015 then for the whole of 2014. With this year’s goal set at a whopping $1,337,000, OSD, its partners, Youtube stars, pro-gamers, and all of the gaming world will look to smash that mark in a fun filled 24 hours of gaming.

Registration for the event is free, however, you can pay $15 for the Elite option which will enter your name into the pot for multiple prizes and raffles which will be going all day long. If you raise $200 through friends and family, you’ll guarantee yourself a 2015 8-Bit Salute T-shirt. There will also be two Grand Prizes consisting of a fully packed Supply Drop which will be sent out to the winners, stuffed with games and consoles.


You can enter and support Operation Supply Drop by clicking here.

You can also visit the Operation Supply Drop website, here.