Odell Beckham Jr. celebrates touchdown with Call of Duty: Warzone self-revive and armor plating

OBJ hit up a buy station and grabbed a self before this TD.

Image via Activision

The worlds of sports and video games collide more and more often these days, and the latest iteration came from Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

In Beckham Jr.’s third game with his new team after being released by the Cleveland Browns earlier in the year, the former LSU wide receiver scored his second touchdown of the season on a pass from QB Matt Stafford. But what came after drew laughs from Call of Duty players everywhere.

After hauling in Stafford’s pass, “OBJ” dropped to the ground and began to slide on his backside, recreating what happens when players in Call of Duty: Warzone get downed. He then mimicked injecting himself with a self-revive needle, stood up with the help of a teammate, and pantomimed giving himself armor plates.

The celebration was probably very confusing and quite concerning to anyone unfamiliar with Warzone, considering it looked like Beckham Jr. was hurt on the play and struggling to move on the ground. But no, he was just flawlessly imitating the down-but-not-out CoD animation.

Avid football fan and Warzone streamer TimTheTatMan reacted to OBJ’s antics immediately and anyone else who was watching the game on Sunday evening replied with confirmation that the player did indeed just give homage to the battle royale.

OBJ will likely be interested in this week’s Pacific update in Warzone, which will add the new Caldera map and other integration from Call of Duty: Vanguard. The update goes live on Dec. 8.

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