12 September 2016 - 18:11

NFL Star Richard Sherman Expresses Interest in Call of Duty Esports

The Super Bowl champion defensive back loves "the competitive aspect" of Call of Duty.

Richard Sherman is joining the list of professional athletes who have a vested interest in esports. In an interview with ESPN, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback and Super Bowl XLVIII Champion expressed a lot of interest in the competitive aspect of Call of Duty. While at Call of Duty XP 2016 earlier in the month, Sherman shared his love for CoD and his growing interest in the esports scene.

"I love the competitive aspect of [Call of Duty]," he said. "[In] every match you're getting to compete online against other players and I think that's huge for guys who kind of have that in us. It's kind of ingrained in us. We're competitors in every aspect of our lives and we're always looking for another opportunity to compete. I think [Call of Duty] gives everybody a good chance at it."

CoD XP was Sherman's first taste of esports, as it was his first event that he ever attended in person. If his reaction is any indication, it seems as though he could join the likes of Shaquille O'Neal, Alex Rodriguez, Rodger Saffold, Rick Fox and more, as pro athletes who have invested in esports.

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"[Esports] has grown so rapidly over the last couple years, I think everyone is starting to [take] notice and pay attention," he said. "These guys are out here competing for $2 million (at CoD Champs). That's real money. That's as real as it gets. I'm looking forward to seeing how that industry grows and maybe, maybe getting more involved."

As a competitor himself, Sherman sees longevity in esports and thinks that there's even more room for it to grow in the future. As long as esports continues to get support from viewership and advertisers, as well  as big-time investors like Sherman, the future of competitive gaming looks bright.

"I see [esports] growing rapidly," he said. "You see young kids -- 21, 22, 23 -- making millions playing video games and playing it year-round as a profession, so anytime you have that kind of money being slung around, you're going to have more people putting in time and effort and dedicating themselves to be better at that, to make that their craft and their passion. I'm expecting, that as long as it keeps being as profitable as it is, guys are going to continue to take time out of their lives to play and become masters of the craft."

Is Sherman really looking into investing?

"I have [considered investing into a team] and I think it's still up for consideration," said Sherman.

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