New Warzone 2 fix has put an end to combat record stat-padding

Players were juicing their K/D pretty nicely.

Image via Activision

Another new Warzone 2 fix was rolled out this morning, this time addressing an issue with the combat record.

Not long after Plunder went live for the first time in Warzone 2 yesterday, players soon noticed that the respawn-enabled mode was applying its stats to combat records for battle royale. This effectively meant that players were boosting their K/D ratio by playing Plunder.

Well, the fun is now over. Raven Software pushed an update today to fix the combat records. Stats have been separated and will now apply for each specific mode in Warzone 2, including Battle Royale, Resurgence, and Plunder.

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The combat record has always functioned this way in Warzone 2, even since the Resurgence mode launched. Also a respawn-enabled mode, Resurgence was added in season two, so K/D ratios have been wonky ever since.

It was likely an exciting day for many who rose to the occasion and took advantage of the opportunity to juice their stats. Just keep that in mind if one of your buddies begins to brag about his suddenly-higher K/D in BR.

Luckily, the stats won’t be retroactively changed, so anyone who went on a tear in Plunder and raised their Battle Royale K/D by a few points will now continue to look like a CoD god. But that won’t make the wins start to magically come in for those opportunists.

The stats will now track differently moving forward, but the games played up until today’s patch will likely have combat records looking eschew for the distant and foreseeable future.

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Warzone 2’s next update, Season Three Reloaded, should be arriving sometime in the middle of May.

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