New Call of Duty League ruleset update bans damage mags and more

This will be a welcome decision.

Image via Activision

Damage mags are on the chopping block in the latest version of the Call of Duty League’s competitive ruleset for Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Any magazines that alter damage have now been restricted, along with any drum magazine, evening the playing field. The Vital and Frenzy proficiencies are also now restricted, along with the Recoil Booster attachment.

Vital increases the area for critical hits and Frenzy adds health regeneration after kills, so it makes sense to see these banned. Recoil Booster is an attachment that’s available for most of the current meta weapons and it provides a boost to fire rate.

The Lengthened ammo type, however, is now listed as unrestricted. This attachment increases bullet velocity and is used by most CDL pros on assault rifles and submachine guns alike. It’s a must-have for most players.

It’s still unknown when the 2022 CDL season will begin or if the league will even field a 12th team. But for now, CDL pros can use the current ruleset to run scrimmages and tournaments to get used to the game and be ready whenever the league year officially begins.

The full list of changes to the ruleset is below and the rest of the competitive settings can be found on the CDL’s website.

CDL Vanguard competitive settings version 1.1

  • All Damage Mags and Drums have been restricted.
  • Lengthened has been unrestricted.
  • Vital and Frenzy have been restricted.
  • Recoil booster has been restricted.