‘Needs to be fixed ASAP’: MW3 players are getting kicked for inactivity mid-match

Getting sniped right out of the lobby.

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Screenshot via Activision

Over the last day, thousands of players have been jumping into the battle with the release of Modern Warfare 3. The highly-anticipated title has brought plenty of new content to the forefront but has also brought forward an annoying new feature that is plaguing countless matches.

Players have reported multiple instances where they have been kicked from a match due to inactivity, even though they are still moving and are active in the game. One player on the MW3 subreddit, for example, said that they were using the remote-controlled sentry gun when they were suddenly booted from their game.

Other players chimed in with similar problems, whether they were waiting for an enemy with a sniper rifle or controlling a kill streak like a Cruise Missile, they were eventually removed from the match due to inactivity.

Some users believe that the inactivity monitor is flagging players who haven’t fired their equipped weapon after a certain amount of time, but this method would be highly inaccurate since players are able to do many other different tasks besides firing their guns. Even those who are in vehicles or are using vehicle-mounted weaponry are getting affected by the system, causing those to lose games and drop streaks.

Overall, the situation has become a rampant issue for players. There doesn’t seem to be any solution in sight, and the developers haven’t addressed the possible problems at the time of writing.

This is also only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to gripes around MW3, with many players raising concerns over pay-to-win skins, inconsistent time-to-kill, and a convoluted new Armory Unlock system for basic equipment.


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