Nadeshot and NoahJ456 share complaints about gas mask animation in CoD: Warzone

People have hated how the gas mask works in Warzone so far.

Image via Activision

After losing a close match in Call of Duty‘s new battle royale game mode, Warzone, 100 Thieves owner Nadeshot and popular streamer NoahJ456 discussed their distaste for the gas mask animation in the game and what the developers should do to fix it.

In the closing moments of their game, Nadeshot was forced into a tough one-vs-three situation. He was stuck in an extremely small circle with all of his enemies above him on rooftops. As the gas pulled in, his character was forced into the gas mask animation, making an almost-impossible situation even worse. This led to his death.

The aforementioned gas mask mechanic is simple, yet troublesome. When a player enters or exits the gas, an animation is automatically triggered that disables aiming down sights for a few seconds while the character removes or puts on a mask. ADS is extremely important in those final moments and can make the difference between a win or a loss in a few seconds.

Noah and Nade both talked about the mechanic afterward. Noah said that the animation shouldn’t trigger unless you aren’t doing anything else, which would fix unwanted interruptions of ADS. This is a great idea since so many game-deciding fights are had at the edge of zone.

Noah, for example, pulled off an amazing one-vs-three today alongside CouRage and Nade to win his team an intense Warzone match. But if he had bobbed in or out of zone once, he might not have been able to clutch with the long animation times.

Activision might need to listen to the general player base and make a change to the gas mask in the next patch to hit the game. You can keep tabs on the incoming bug fixes headed to Warzone on Activision’s open Modern Warfare Trello board.