MuTex wishes Dallas Empire ‘good f*****g luck’ after release

MuTex also went after his "haters."

Screengrab via Dallas Empire

Call of Duty League franchise Dallas Empire released substitute player and analyst Charlie “MuTex” Saouma from the team earlier today after he was caught calling his friend a “fucking autistic idiot” and “dirty little fucking retard fuck” during a Nov. 23 stream.

Dallas said it expects any player it signs to “exhibit a standard of professionalism in-competition, on-stream, and in personal conduct.” The team said it believes MuTex will have a “long and promising” future in Call of Duty esports.

After his release became official, MuTex went after his “haters,” who he said were happy to see him get released. MuTex, in a since-deleted tweet, lashed out at these people, whom he called “losers” and “absolute low lifes.”

MuTex then posted a short Twitter video, which has also since been deleted, in which he wished the Empire “good fucking luck” in finding an analyst as good as him. He then said it was a “big fucking L” for the team because they had lost him.

Shortly after, MuTex tweeted another video, apologizing to Dallas for his comments. He expressed gratitude to the team for signing him and attempting to give him the opportunity to advance his career.

MuTex previously said he would a host a weekend-long charity stream to benefit autism awareness, which would begin on Nov. 29.