Call of Duty: Modern Warfare store error reveals Tamogotchi-like watch may be coming soon

Virtual pets are making a return

Image via Activision

The Tamagotchi watch seems to finally be coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and players can rejoice at the chance of reliving their childhood obsession of keeping a virtual pet alive.

An image was posted on the Modern Warfare subreddit which showed an in-game watch called the Tomogunchi, a clear nod to Tamagotchi watches which were popular throughout the ‘90s.

One Reddit user claimed he was able to purchase the Tomogunchi, which cost 1,000 points. They also said nothing exciting happened with the watch during their two hours of gameplay, besides a noise that would occur when they got a kill.

The post eventually received a response from Joel Emslie, the art director for Infinity Ward who explained what caused this leak.

“Your ingame store broke the street date,” Emslie said. “Its an error. The watch won’t function properly until the official release date…It needs to clear a full round of test to insure everything checks out. So I can’t give a date.”

While an official release date for the watch has not been announced, players can still look forward to the eventual release of a unique cosmetic item.

Several watches including the Tomogunchi were discovered back in October, so players were anxiously waiting for the item to make it into the actual game. The official functions of the watch have not been revealed, but the noise the watch makes after a kill has been confirmed, and many players believe this is how you will “feed” the virtual pet.