Modern Warfare player accidentally kills his entire team with Care Package

Tender loving care.

Image via Activision

A Tactical Nuke is Modern Warfare‘s premier killstreak reward, requiring 30 straight kills to even activate. In a pinch, a Care Package might be just as dangerous, albeit against your own allies.

A Reddit user signaled for a Care Package to drop on Rust in a clip posted last night. But it overlapped directly with his team’s spawn point, thus causing his allies to die instantly under the package’s weight.

Weirdly, the spawn point continued to spawn the players into the Care Package, thus causing them to lose their lives due to the separate objects occupying the same space.

Five total lives were lost with one drop, including two players being killed twice. One player even quit the game immediately after the accident.

Instead of quickly opening the Care Package and saving some of his teammates, the Reddit user took the time to survey the damage that his drop had done. Then, the player finally unveiled the contents of his Care Package: a disappointing Personal Radar, the lowest killstreak reward that was certainly worth less than the lost allied lives.

While the bug is hilarious from the right point of view, it could be downright infuriating to be caught out as a victim. It’s incited further discussion as to how Rust’s spawn system might be broken.

The Care Package is a killstreak reward that’s called in with a throwable grenade and dropped by a helicopter. Unlike other games in the franchise, Modern Warfare‘s Care Package is unique in respect to its contents being hidden until the player interacts with it.