When can you play Modern Warfare 2 on PC or Xbox?

All the dates and times you need to know.

Image via Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most heavily-anticipated CoD releases in years. The community is anxious to get their hands on the new MW2, overcome by a desire to rid themselves of the disappointments of Vanguard and try out a new title that bears the name of the one of the franchise’s most beloved games.

Many players already got the chance to dive into the game last weekend, as the game welcomed PlayStation players only to access the open beta. PC and Xbox players, however, were forced to wait a little bit longer.

But a new week means new opportunities to play for different platforms. PlayStation players will also still be able to get in on the action, with plenty of reason, as well. The first open beta weekend limited the amount of progression players could make towards unlocking new guns and attachments, with more progression becoming available in subsequent weekends. Some of the better guns available in the beta are only accessible through these progression systems, giving players some incentive to keep logging back in while they also try out new maps and modes.

The question for most players isn’t “if,” it’s “when.” And that “when” question is an important one, especially with Infinity Ward and Activision choosing to release the beta a little bit early last weekend. If you’re a PC or an Xbox player chomping at the bit to try out MW2 for yourself, check out the guide below for all the dates and times you need to know.

When can you play Modern Warfare 2 on PC or Xbox?

The crossplay early access and open beta periods for non-PlayStation players are this week, so keep track of the dates and times closely.

Early access players on PC and Xbox can play the MW2 beta on Sept. 22 and 23, beginning at 12pm CT.

After the two-day early access period, the open beta begins on Sept. 24 at 12pm CT. From Sept. 24 to Sept. 26, all players on all platforms can access the beta.