MLG Announces 2015 CoD Calendar

Major League Gaming continues to push the envelope for the CoD community with the announcement of their events for the rest of the CoD: AW competitive year.

Over the last year, Major League Gaming has made significant changes to the competitive Call of Duty community with the introduction of an organized league and player salary for participation in said league. Today, MLG continues to push the envelope for the CoD community with the announcement of their World Championship and the rest of the 2015 schedule.

The second season of the MLG Pro League will kick off March 10 and will run until May 22. Once again, players will earn a share of $96,000 for their participation in the league matches. Along with the salary, they’ll be fighting for a spot in the Season Championship which will be held June 5-7 and have $75,000 on the line.

To continue their movement to grow Call of Duty, their making the Season Three Pro League Relegation tournament a 32 team tournament which will take place at the MLG Arena from June 19-21. The tournament will feature the bottom four teams from the second season of the Advanced Warfare league along with the top 28 ranked teams based on MLG Pro Points. The top four teams at this tournament will earn a spot in the third season and split $10,000 in prizes.

The third season of the MLG Pro League will follow the exact same format for prize pool and salary. With this season’s championship event being held at the MLG Arena; dates to be announced soon.

To finish the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare competitive year, MLG will be hosting a World Championship event that’s being conducted from October 16th-18th with the venue yet to be disclosed. This event is unlike any other MLG has ran in the recent years with a $250,000 prize pool for the tournament. It will feature pool play with teams from multiple regions including North America, Europe, and Australia decided by pro points. To accompany this, they’ll also have an open bracket portion of the tournament that has so far only been described as “large,” in which teams can fight for the final spots in the championship bracket.

With these announcements, all we can say is well done to MLG and we look forward to covering this event on here and on