Maven unsure if he’ll be casting the Call of Duty League in 2022

The first preseason event is only three days away.

Photo via MLG

Concerns have started to grow in the competitive Call of Duty community after broadcaster Maven explained today that a lack of communication between himself and the Call of Duty League has led to uncertainty of his position for the 2022 season.

“I genuinely don’t know if I’ll be involved in the CDL this year,” Maven wrote. “The last two years have been frustrating. We had more staffing and budget than ever on production side and felt we went backwards in so many ways. I fought battles internally and maybe that’s hurting me now.”

“I hope it gets figured out,” Maven said in a follow-up tweet. “I want to do this forever. COD is my life, and the only thing I want is for it to reach the levels I know it can. “If not, I plan to do freelance and potentially work with an org on COD content.”

Maven has been one of the top figures in Call of Duty casting over the years. Before his Call of Duty broadcast debut at the MLG Pax Prime Invitational 2013, Maven was a caster in Halo during the same period FormaL and Enable were actively competing. Since his debut, Maven has covered various matches alongside other prominent talents like Mr X, CouRage, and MerK.

In a Twitch clip yesterday, MerK mentioned that he won’t be at the Call of Duty League’s Kickoff Classic this weekend “unless something magical changes.” That means the CDL will likely be without its most prominent casting duo for the first preseason event of 2022. Maven and MerK also didn’t cast at last year’s Kickoff Classic.

The Call of Duty League is yet to announce its full talent roster for the 2022 season. The CDL’s preseason Kickoff Classic event begins on Friday, Jan. 21. Allycxt announced on Jan. 6 that she’ll be joining the Call of Duty League broadcast team after casting several major Challengers tournaments last season.