Maux: Pro players meeting with Treyarch to “discuss competitive philosophy” of Call of Duty 2020

Treyarch is working on making a good competitive CoD.

Photo by Jordan Reed via EsportsNation

We’ve reached the point in every Call of Duty’s yearly cycle where the competitive community is yearning for the new title.

But Treyarch has already started to reach out to pro players for help in making CoD 2020 a positive competitive experience, according to Maux of the Call of Duty League’s Florida Mutineers.

In a Reddit thread about players quitting Call of Duty, like three-time world champion Karma, Maux chimed in and told everyone to “stay hopeful” because Treyarch is “really interested in making next year a great year for competitive.”

This is something that the CoD community hears on a yearly basis, so the commenters in the thread were skeptical of what the AR main had to say. But he doubled down.

“Just meetings with the devs to discuss ‘competitive philosophy,’ he said. “There’s more to it of course and to be honest I don’t even know if I was allowed to share what I just shared. I know how hopeless some of you are but all I want is for us as a community to get excited and to get behind and support the devs over at Treyarch. Spread positive energy guys.”

Treyarch developed arguably the best competitive CoD title to date with Black Ops II, but that was all the way back in 2012. Black Ops III and Black Ops 4 were solid entries, but issues like Specialists, advanced movement, and map design hampered the experience for pros after months of play.

Whatever Treyarch is cooking up for 2020 has not yet been revealed, but it could be coming in the next few weeks. Rumors point to a reboot of the Black Ops franchise set in the Cold War.