Marriage Proposals: CoD Champs Style

Out of all the shocking moments during CoD Champs, this one might take the cake.

For many people, popping the question to the love of your life is one of the most nerve racking things a person can go through. It has become the norm to come up with unique and fun ways to propose. Jumping out of cakes or becoming the Chicago Bulls mascot and proposing to their girlfriend cheerleader after the halftime routine is just a few that come to mind. Right when you think you’ve seen it all something just a little more crazy happenings.

This guy decided to pop the question with a little assistance from MLG, and the production team for Call of Duty: Championships.

The hashtag XboxCOD was used by the producers to find tweets to put on the bottom of the stream that scrolled throughout the games. After a little bit of anxious waiting, this came up on the stream.

Screenshot (42)

To much relief for the man she said yes.

We know CoD eSports is growing every day, but a marriage proposal on stream was not something we expected to see during CoD Champs. Either way, the couple is now engaged to marry, thanks to Call of Duty and the stream team at MLG. Crazy, huh.