Leaked voice lines indicate a “Zombie Royale” mode is coming to Call of Duty: Warzone

Get ready for a fun, intense mode.

Image via Activision

Many Call of Duty fans are excited for the likely return of the popular Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. A recent leak indicates that classic maps are likely to return alongside new maps, playable characters, and weapons.

But fans can also expect zombies to appear in Warzone since data miners have found voice lines referencing the undead in the popular battle royale mode. 

A data miner recently posted several voice clips from a game mode called “Zombie Royale,” which puts a unique spin on Warzone gameplay. The announcer can be heard warning players that zombies are stronger in the gas and that they need to defend a downed chopper. It seems that extraction might be impossible after being picked up by the helicopter at the end of the match and players will need to fight off the zombie horde for as long as possible. 

Other voice lines indicate that players will become zombies when they die and that one human is needed for a team to win the match. Zombie players can also seemingly consume human remains to respawn as a human player, but teams can still buy back their dead teammates. Players who become zombies have “special traits and abilities” that can be used to kill enemy humans and to help their surviving teammates, according to the voice lines.

Several voice lines reference a new Easter egg where players need to enter a unique code to sterilize labs around Verdansk. It’s unclear if this mode will introduce new areas for players to explore or update existing areas for a limited time. 

It’s unclear when the Zombie Royale mode will appear in Warzone. The leak doesn’t mention a release date or if the game will be a permanent mode featured in Cold War. The game mode could be a limited-time event during Halloween, but this is all speculation right now since no official announcement has been made.