Kenny: “I think I’m just the best sub in the game”

Team Kaliber and its young star are moving on to the quarterfinals.

Photo via MLG

After colliding twice in the CWL Pro League’s Stage Two Playoffs, Team Kaliber and Rise Nation resumed their rivalry today at the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championship.

Team Kaliber came out on top again, winning today’s first-round meeting in four games. This is Team Kaliber’s third win out of the last four series against Rise, a surprising fact when many consider Rise the best team in the world.

The loss bumped Rise down into the losers bracket, where they’ll face a veteran-filled Luminosity lineup. Team Kaliber, with all the momentum on their side, will play Elevate tomorrow in the winners bracket quarterfinals.

After the big win over Rise, Team Kaliber’s Kenny Williams spoke with Dot Esports.

Do you guys have Rise’s number?

Kenny: I don’t think it’s that we have their number. I just think—it’s always a close match obviously—it comes down to the veto process. Our stronger maps are their stronger maps, but we have the advantage on two maps: Ardennes Forest and Gibraltar.

I don’t think we have their number, but I think it’s just more who shows up. My teammates clutched up all day and that’s all that matters.

You guys had a tough pool play. Why was it so difficult?

Pool play was really hard because it’s hard to prepare for LCQ teams. They have more VODs and videos to watch over us and especially with SnD strats and all that kind of stuff, it’s pretty hard to watch matches over them. Any team that prepared kind of won SnD, I guess. It was more of a prepared thing.

Do you consider yourself the best player? If not, who is?

I think I’m just the best sub in the game. Now, tied for best player overall, I think everybody would consider me and Gunless. I do consider him a really good ass player—he’s amazing to play against.

I think this game’s mine.

You guys have Elevate next. What do you guys need to do to win against them?

We got to go home, prepare, watch our VODs over them, and see what their stronger maps are and what they do. I think if we play our game like always, we’ll win.

What do you have to say to your doubters?

Nothing much. I don’t really like to say anything to them; I like to prove them wrong. Like I always say, never count us out. If you do, we’ll always prove you wrong.

You’ve proved a lot this year with your championships. What is there left for you to prove?

I think just winning Champs—winning Champs would show we’re the best team in WWII. That’s the only thing I have to accomplish now is just win that and then maybe some will consider me the best in the game.