Karma Wants Out of Evil Geniuses

Karma took to twitter to tell the world he will no longer team with the members of Evil Geniuses.

Earlier this evening, Damon “Karma” Barlow let off some steam regarding the recent tension between him and his teammates. He has stated he will no longer play with the members of Evil Geniuses and wishes to leave the team.

This came as quite the shock to many fans of competitive CoD and could cause a major disruption among rosters. It should be interesting to see what happens because of the rules against roster changes in the MLG League.

Here are some tweets from Karma in chronological order of when they were tweeted.

Censor tweeted what everyone else was feeling when news of this first broke out.

We will give full details once they are released. Tweet us at @eSportsNation with your predictions of what happens next and who takes Karma’s spot on EG if he officially leaves the team.