Karma gets a Tactical Nuke in his first game of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta

The three-time world champ is one of the first players to obtains a Nuke.

Photo via MLG

Call of Duty legend Damon “Karma” Barlow became one of the first players to get a Tactical Nuke in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta today.

The Tactical Nuke is one of the hardest killstreaks to obtain in Modern Warfare, but Karma impressively achieved the feat in his first game on the beta.

The three-time Call of Duty world champion was streaming on Twitch when he managed to obtain 30 kills in a row to achieve the most devastating killstreak in CoD history. Like previous titles, the Tactical Nuke ends the game in a victory after it’s been called in. The player kills every enemy in the lobby at once while his team survives. 

Once players achieve a Tactical Nuke, players input a launch code and there’s an eight-second timer. When the timer hits zero, the map is decimated by a Tactical Nuke. 

The Tactical Nuke was confirmed earlier today by Ashton Williams, Infinity Ward’s senior communications manager. She said that the Tactical Nuke is “game-ending” and requires 30 kills with a weapon, lethal, tactical only. 

The Tactical Nuke is a staple in Call of Duty history and many players will be happy to see it return. It was seemingly inevitable that one of the best Call of Duty players would be one of the first to obtain the devastating killstreak.