Players can earn Tactical Nukes in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta


Image via Activision

Infinity Ward revealed that the Tactical Nuke killstreak reward will make an appearance in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta.

The company’s senior communications manager Ashton Williams announced the news in a tweet today, revealing that the killstreak will be awarded to players who can get 30 kills with their weapon and lethal or tactical equipment without dying.

While hardcore CoD fans welcomed the news, casual players are worried that they’ll never be able to get 30 kills in succession, making the killstreak obsolete.

Williams also explained that the Tactical Nuke will be game-ending like the killstreak was in Modern Warfare 2.

Admittedly, players who can kill 30 people without dying should be rewarded for the difficult feat. The killstreak will immediately end the game, giving the user’s team the victory.

The killstreak made its initial appearance in MW2 as a 25-kill reward where a 10-second countdown would display on players’ screens before the game ended from the nuke’s explosion. The Hardline perk, which makes your killstreaks cost one less kill, would grant the Tactical Nuke at 24 kills instead.

Even though Hardline will be in Modern Warfare, it’s unclear if the perk will make the Tactical Nuke cost 29 kills.

Infinity Ward’s FPS comes out on Oct. 25 but fans who pre-ordered the game and are itching to get early access can play the beta starting today, exclusively on PS4.