JKap says that he’s no longer a part of Team EnVyUs

Hastro said that EnVyUs is allowing this veteran to seek other team options.

Photo via MLG

One of the most successful veterans in Call of Duty history is set to leave his current team.

Jordan “JKap” Kaplan revealed earlier today that he is no longer on Team EnVyUs—the organization he won last year’s Call of Duty World League Championship with.

“I’m no longer a part of Team EnVyUs,” JKap said. “It was a good run, but all good things come to an end. Looking forward to a fresh start elsewhere.”

JKap elaborated on this news further by saying that he’s a “restricted free agent heading into WWII.”

Mike “Hastr0” Rufail, the owner of Team EnVyUs, also provided his own statement about JKap’s situation.

“Regarding JKap: We are allowing him to seek other teams, but may want to option to expand our roster beyond four moving forward with him,” Hastr0 said.

There have been many rumors recently about Team EnVyUs making roster changes heading into Call of Duty: WWII—and JKap’s apparent departure seems to open the door for these potential changes.

On the surface, it appears that JKap could become a bench player for EnVyUs next year, if he doesn’t find another team to play on. But as a two-time world champion and one of the most successful Call of Duty players of all time, JKap should have no problem getting team offers before the WWII season begins later this year.