Infinity Ward shares next steps based on feedback from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta

The company is preparing for the second week of beta testing.

Image via Activision

The first weekend of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta has come and gone for PlayStation 4 users who were granted early access for pre-ordering the first-person shooter. Infinity Ward received plenty of feedback from fans and the developer is looking to implement changes before jumping into the second weekend.

Infinity Ward senior communications manager Ashton Williams informed fans that all the comments, suggestions, and bugs sent to the company will be addressed going into the next round of testing in a Reddit post today.

Image via Infinity Ward

Williams outlined a lengthy list of issues that the Call of Duty devs are working on. Some fans experienced issues in finding a new match when partied up with friends. Although Infinity Ward is still looking into the bug, Williams suggests disbanding your party and joining back up as a temporary fix.

A fix for players who were able to clip into a table on Grazna Raid has already been implemented in the game. And players who have had difficulty connecting their PSN ID to their Call of Duty display name can follow the troubleshooting guide provided by Activision Support.

Any graphical corruption players experienced in matchmaking, such as your screen going black, green, or yellow, will be fixed prior to the upcoming weekend.

Cruise Missiles also gave players an issue with a poor camera angle and a difficult to control projectile.

“The camera will remain static on the initial deployment scene and not properly display the map and enemy targets below,” Williams said. “Once having control of the missile, it can become hard to control. This is currently being looked into.”

No fix has been determined for inconsistent spawning on certain maps yet. Williams claims that it’s on Infinity Ward’s radar, however, and the developers are looking to deploy changes.

Image via Infinity Ward

Fans who haven’t pre-ordered the game on PlayStation 4 will have the opportunity to participate in the second early access beta period from Sept. 19 to 20. This portion of the beta will also be open to fans who pre-ordered Modern Warfare on Xbox One or PC via

The beta will then become playable on all platforms, regardless of pre-order status, from Sept. 21 to 23. This round of the beta will be crossplay compatible, allowing all fans to play with each other regardless of what system they’re running it on.